Enterprise Guide To Robotic Process Automation
InformationWeek, April 26th, 2022
May 8, 2022,
Volume 290, Issue 1

RPA is a fast-growing category of software, driven by global enterprise digital transformation efforts. Is it ready for prime time? This guide covers the benefits, best practices and use cases today.

"Judging by the interest in the concept," notes James M. Connolly in InformationWeek, "it looks like IT people, and even many businesspeople, have figured out the first lesson in dealing with robotic process automation: There are no robots, no androids, not even one little R2D2.

RPA is about letting computers, software and, often, voice technology take over the routine, repetitive and boring business tasks that humans don't really want to do. In doing so, the computer doesn't complain but does work 24x365 without needing days off. Those processes are the workflows and rules that human business leaders define..."

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