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Best Enterprise Storage Solutions And Software 2021
StorageNewsletter, September 27th, 2021
Dell, NetApp, Huawei, HPE and Hitachi Vantara on top, followed by DataCore, Pure Storage and FalconStor

"The storage market used to be a simple landscape. There were DAS, SANs, and NAS. The primary arguments were: why keep everything directly attached when you should be using a SAN; or which is better for you, a SAN or NAS?

That simple world is long gone. Storage solutions have changed markedly of late. Whether it's the cloud, object storage, or SDS, the many permutations of storage make for a complex picture..."

Computational storage proponents include academia and the Storage Networking Industry Association. While there's behind-the-scenes work still to do, the tech could bring benefits.

"Computational storage has a simple rationale: move computational tasks closer to where data resides, writes Tong Zhang in SearchStorage. "By doing so, we improve system performance and efficiency. Because storage data is processed at all levels of the data center -- inside a server, across a network and, of course, in storage environments -- these efficiencies are highly sought after.

Part of the reason is that storage is not one monolithic entity. As a matter of fact, storage exists at many layers and has many different components. Some of these components have to do with the data itself -- storage, protection and transmission. Other components have to do with controlling systems of storage, setting up management planes, and even orchestrating how, where and when data is transmitted inside and outside different systems..."

NVMe-Over-Fabrics: Five Need-To-Knows
ComputerWeekly, September 29th, 2021
We look at five need-to-knows about NVMe-over-fabrics, such as its implementations - RDMA, Fibre Channel and TCP - use cases, hardware and operating system support

"NVMe as a connection method for flash storage seems to be achieving near ubiquity, opines Antony Adshead in ComputerWeekly. "Perhaps that's not quite true in all storage use cases, but for all-flash and hybrid flash arrays that service mainstream datacentre workloads, it is certainly true.

But NVMe is merely the drive-to-backplane connection. To connect over longer distances and fabrics/networks - spanning the rack and beyond - and to retain the advantages of NVMe connectivity, NVMe-over-fabrics is required.

NVMe-over-fabrics extends that super-fast flash access beyond the backplane.

In this article, we look at five key things you need to know about NVMe-over-fabrics..."

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