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Citrix News
Resolutions For Remote And Hybrid Leaders
If you expect that you'll continue to lead teams distributed among multiple sites and home offices, these resolutions for remote and hybrid leaders are for you.
I'm a true advocate for face-to-face interactions with colleagues, and while I'm impressed with how well we've all adapted to virtual collaboration, I believe we risk eroding connection and relationships if we don't actively adopt practices to mitigate for the loss of in-person time together. As a leader and executive, I've also learned that my digital behaviors carry extra weight with my team, and it takes conscious effort to avoid missteps and miscommunication.
Citrix News, January 4th, 2022
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Using WEM For A Complete GPO Deployment Experience
For IT admins, using GPOs to manage corporate devices and user configurations can be a challenge. GPOs provide a well-defined configuration for Windows systems and user-definable ADMX templates from third-party vendors for a variety of settings. Still, IT admins can run into challenges when applying GPO policy in various scenarios.
First, the group policies are Active Directory-based so they can only apply to machines that are added in and connected to AD. The policies cannot be applied easily to non-AD joined devices. With BYOD becoming more common in enterprise IT, figuring out how to manage and configure those machines can be a challenge.

Second, although the GPO definitions (templates) are fully customizable, internal needs sometimes require additional configuration of software that isn't fully defined in those GPOs. Consider the provisioning guide for Citrix Workspace app. Even though there are fully defined options in the GPO templates, registry-based configurations are sometimes still required.

Citrix News, January 7th, 2022
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What's New With Citrix Workspace
The last year was one of transformation for professionals everywhere, as many organizations adopted new work models due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
At Citrix, our vision remains the same: We empower customers to move to a hybrid work model by providing a complete digital workspace platform that delivers secure access to everything people need, wherever work gets done.

Through our customer and market research, we've found that the primary investment priorities for IT and business decision makers are around accelerating IT modernization to move more efficiently to the cloud; adopting remote and hybrid models to enable secure, distributed work; and boosting worker productivity to enhance employee engagement. With this in mind, we continue to innovate with Citrix Workspace to optimize and streamline the needs of consumers across these various markets.

Citrix News, January 5th, 2022
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IT News - CxO
Attention CIOs: Many Will Fail The Data Science Game
If you talk to corporate chief information officers today about their internal data science programs, you'll likely get a response of enthusiasm for the potential business gains . or a worried look from a CIO who just made a major investment and is really hoping they'll have something to show the Board of Directors that quarter. Or a combination of both.
Josh Poduska writes in IT Business Edge, "When I speak with CIOs regularly, I'm seeing this push/pull dynamic play out at company after company. Domino Data Lab recently conducted a survey with Wakefield Research about executive opinions on data science initiatives, and 97% of executives expect a revenue increase from data science programs. I also read a survey from Accenture that showed that 75% of executives believe their company will go out of business if they can't scale data science successfully within the next five years..."
IT Business Edge, December 29th, 2021
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Digital Transformation: 4 Tips To Be A Successful IT Leader In 2022
Today's IT leaders face unprecedented challenges. Consider this expert advice to set a path to digital transformation success in the year aheadIn 2021, leadership was about finding new ways to deliver on commitments and grow, despite global challenges.
Vikas Gupta writes in The Enterprisers Project, "It involved coaching teams that were working out of home offices and balancing new distractions and personal commitments - all while managing anxiety about what was to come. In 2022, we hope to finally put the pandemic behind us and set the tone for a new kind of workplace and workplace culture.

In 2021, leadership was about finding new ways to deliver on commitments and grow, despite global challenges. It involved coaching teams that were working out of home offices and balancing new distractions and personal commitments - all while managing anxiety about what was to come. In 2022, we hope to finally put the pandemic behind us and set the tone for a new kind of workplace and workplace culture..."

The Enterprisers Project, December 27th, 2021
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Eight CIO Focuses For 2022
Tim Pitts, senior partner at Agilisys, provides eight focuses that CIOs will need to focus on over the course of 2022
"It is no exaggeration to say that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have turned many organisations on their heads," opines Tim Pitts in Information Age. "It has proved to be the catalyst many CIOs needed to adopt changes they have long known their organisation needed to make. Technology has been instrumental in the accelerated digital transformation we have been seeing across several industries. But as we move into the 'new normal' what are the areas that savvy CIOs will need to concentrate on over the course of 2022?..."
Information Age, December 27th, 2021
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Why Are Your IT People So Miserable? Log4J2Itis
The biggest security problem of your life is happening right under your nose. Even if you don't know about it, your IT admins do.
"Instead of holiday toasts, do you hear screams and moans from your server room?" asks Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in ComputerWorld. "Are your IT people sobbing inconsolably even when Amazon Web Services (AWS) is running? Do you walk over sleeping system administrators and developers when you get to the office?

If that's happening to you, let me explain what's happening. Your IT people - a lot of IT people - are suffering from Log4j2itis..."

ComputerWorld, December 29th, 2021
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CISOs, What's In Your Work-From-Home Program?
CISOs reveal how their secure remote work strategies are set up for the long haul.
Christopher Burgess writes in CSO Online, "I wrote previously of what the key ingredients are for a successful travel program might include, as it was a topic which had not garnered much attention over the course of the past couple of years as pandemic took hold. What most entities have experienced since early 2020 is the IT scramble to accommodate the migration by employees from onsite and in their seat, to off-site and sitting wherever they could find internet access. Just like that, CISOs found themselves having to formulate work-from-home (WFH) policies, implementation and procedures..."
CSO Online, December 28th, 2021
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Steal These Use Cases: 2021'S Technology Wins In The Enterprise
Here's InformationWeek's 2021 collection of use cases, case studies, and interviews with some of the top CIOs and IT leaders across enterprises.
"New technologies and tools are often at their best when they are poised for release," writes Jessica Davis in InformationWeek. "They have been tested and vetted internally, and they offer unlimited potential for enterprises who implement them.

But the implementations are the real tests. Will the technologies work as promised? Will they provide more insights, save workers' time, save resources, enable revenue generation? How will these technologies actually benefit the IT department, the CIO, and the enterprise itself? Are they worth the investment of time and money?..."

InformationWeek, December 30th, 2021
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Three CIO Imperatives In 2022
This past year, I conducted dozens and dozens of CXOTalk interviews with some of the world's top business executives. Many of these conversations directly address issues relevant to Chief Information Officers.
"As we look ahead to 2022," writes Michael Krigsman in ZDNet. "I thought it might be helpful to CIOs if I summarized several patterns or themes that emerged from all these discussions.

I'm aware that the list below is woefully incomplete. It's a short list, so I had to leave out topics such as talent management and building teams, diversity and inclusion, managing technical debt, cloud migration, and other profoundly important issues.

With that apology, here are three strategic imperatives to which CIOs should pay particular attention in 2022..."

ZDNet, December 29th, 2021
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IT News - Storage
2021 In Storage:
DPUs in the data centre, object and file get cosy, 3D layer Jenga plus cloud, capacity, and ransomware advances
Chris Mellor writes in The Register, "While much of the world was in lockdown in 2021, storage boomed. It was a year of ransomware, tech advances, hybrid multi-cloud, a switch to subscriptions and services, hypergrowth in analytics startup funding, and building a DPU data centre makeover.

Suppliers grew, were acquired, struggled, were reborn, and a few (very few) went under. We also saw moves on the high-level exec dancefloor as CEOs and other execs darted between companies, looking to make the optimal career move..."

The Register, December 30th, 2021
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Parallel NFS (pNFS) - Part 1 (Introduction)
Parallel NFS (pNFS) is a part of the NFS v4.1 standard that allows compute clients to access storage devices directly and in parallel
Davoud Teimouri writes in teimouri, "The pNFS architecture eliminates the scalability and performance issues associated with NFS servers deployed today. This is achieved by the separation of data and metadata, and moving the metadata server out of the data path...

High-performance data centers have been aggressively moving toward parallel technologies like clustered computing and multi-core processors. While this increased use of parallelism overcomes the vast majority of computational bottlenecks, it shifts the performance bottlenecks to the storage I/O system. To ensure that compute clusters deliver the maximum performance, storage systems must be optimized for parallelism...."

teimouri, December 31st, 2021
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Digital Storage Projections For 2022, Part 1
For the past few years, I have been writing projection blogs on digital storage and memory and systems that use these technologies for the following year
This will be the first of three articles looking into the future of digital storage and memory technology in 2022 and beyond. This piece will focus on the current status and future of magnetic recording, particularly hard disk drives and magnetic tape recording.

Tom Coughlin writes in Forbes, "HDD use got a boost in 2020 and early 2021 due to the purchase of computers enabling people to work remotely. We estimate that desktop HDD shipments were 6.9% higher in 2021 than in 2020 and mobile HDD shipments were 3.0% higher. However, with consumer SSDs selling for less than 5X the price of HDDs (in $/TB) and with many users satisfied with 1-2TB of local storage, SSDs have been gaining popularity. As a consequence, the majority of PCs sold today and those sold in the future, will be using SSDs rather than HDDs. HDDs continued to decline in shipments for high performance enterprise applications as well as consumer applications (down in 2021 compared to 2020 by 11.5% and 46% respectively)..."

Forbes, December 29th, 2021
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IT News - AI
Five AI Predictions For 2022: From Enterprise To Everyday AI
It's safe to say that 2021 was a year like no other in terms of the innovation we saw across data science, machine learning, and AI. Many companies went far beyond weathering disruption to positively embrace it, emerging much stronger and resilient in the face of market dynamics.
Florian Douetteau writes in Information Age, "Today, companies recognise the benefits of putting in the hard work to operationalise data projects in order to drive meaningful change, and we're set to see a few key AI trends that will manifest in 2022 and beyond.

1. We'll see a shift in focus from enterprise AI to everyday AI

The ability to become a true AI enterprise will come with successfully scaling, systemising and employing robust data projects and processes at all levels of a given organisation. Everyday AI will become an organisational asset pivotal to the success of businesses of the future, regardless of the industry..."

Information Age, December 29th, 2021
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The AI Stories That Made Us Smile In 2021 - And 5 That Made Us Cry
AI had a memorable 2021, although not always for the best reasons. The field unleashed an arousing blend of breakthroughs, applications, and ideas - but also discharged a steady stream of bigotry, BS, and big tech barbarity.
Thomas Macaulay writes in TheNextWeb, "Without further ado, here are five stories that made us cherish our robot overlords - and five that had us reaching for the off switch.

10. Bad: Slaughterbots coming to your neighborhood

It was another busy year for AI weaponry. After DARPA tested algorithm-controlled jets in dogfights and a robot dog briefly joined the French military, we received a warning: 'slaughterbots' will soon be on our streets - unless the UN bans them..."

TheNextWeb, December 29th, 2021
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IT News - Technology
5 Edge Computing Trends In 2022
Edge computing trends play a key role in business because edge deployments are now essentially everywhere
"With the list of edge computing devices growing - including smartphones, smartwatches, and autonomous vehicles - at an exponential rate, business professionals need to stay current with edge trends moving into 2022," writes Yousef Fatehpour in eWeek.

"Indeed, after developing for several years, it appears that edge computing is set to take enormous strides in adoption and investment in 2022. Below are the edge computing trends to watch..."

eWeek, December 27th, 2021
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Tech Briefing: A CIO Primer On Key Emerging Technologies
What do you know about the metaverse, data fabric, graph databases, continuous delivery and other emerging tech? We've compiled these tech briefings to help CIOs and IT leaders gain an overview of these emerging areas.
"Enterprise IT leaders are often straddling two disciplines," writes Jessica Davis in InformationWeek.

"There's technology on one side and there's business on the other side. You are in a role where you need to understand the benefits and capabilities of some of the newest technologies and the emerging technology trends. But at the same time, you don't have to know every programming language or how to configure every piece of infrastructure..."

InformationWeek, December 29th, 2021
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IT News - HR
7 Workforce Trends & Predictions To Consider In 2022
Do you remember what work was like five years ago? It's more difficult to recall than one would think.
"The way we work has changed by leaps and bounds - largely triggered by working from home during Covid - and isn't going to stop changing anytime soon," opines Sammy Courtright in Business 2 Community.

"As we prepare to enter 2022, we at Ten Spot have done a lot of thinking, reading, polling, and discussing how work will continue to evolve. Here are seven trends and predictions that we believe will impact companies, employees, and the way we work in 2022.

The Gen Z Voice Will Get Louder and Shape the Future of Work.."

Looking across the workforce today there is a stark generational difference between the generation that will soon leave the workforce (Boomers) and the new generation on its way in (Gen Z). Gen Z is not only laser-focused on using technology to solve problems - 63% think that using an employee engagement and productivity platform could help their company improve the company's culture, employee communications, inclusivity, and training and development efforts - but 86% have already experienced discriminatory issues or abusive behavior in the workplace.

Business 2 Community, December 30th, 2021
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One Simple Idea That Can Help You Retain Your Best Employees
We had some great feedback on The Three N's of Employee Fulfillment article and video. Plenty of great comments
"Here's a very short refresher in case you missed it," offers Shep Hyken in Business 2 Community. "Leadership expert Tim Durkin shared with us that our employees want to be needed, noticed, and known. We welcome him back this week with a simple feedback technique connected to his Three N strategy that will help you motivate and keep your best employees.

The short version of this is to not just praise the performer, but also the performance. It's very simple. You not only praise your employee, but you tell them why you appreciate what they've done..."

Business 2 Community, December 28th, 2021
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IT News - Security
Log4Shell Is The Worst Security Issue Of The Decade: What You Should Do
we discussed the Log4Shell and other Log4j-related vulnerabilities, implications, and recommended mitigation actions. I see that the Log4Shell vulnerability, which has transformed into multiple vulnerabilities, is going to stay with us for a while
Ami Barayev writes in Security Boulevard, "Just yesterday, December 28th, yet another remote code execution vulnerability was discovered again in all Log4j versions, with a new fix now available in v2.17.1.

So, here is an update of what we know so far, with the latest information.

Log4shell summary overview

December 10, 2021 - The original Log4Shell vulnerability was disclosed under CVE-2021-44228 with the possibility for an attacker to execute injected code using the message lookup functionality. Affected versions were Log4j v2.0-2.14.1..."

Security Boulevard, December 29th, 2021
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Lessons Learned From 2021 Network Security Events
Rather than predict what 2022 will bring, let's manage the future by implementing the lessons learned from this year's biggest security threats.
Susan Bradley writes in CSO Online, "It's the end of 2021, a time when you expect to see security pundits predict security issues for the coming year. I'd rather look back at the security issues we've been tracking to ensure that we've learned all the necessary lessons from them.

SolarWinds attack: Know your vendors' security posture

It's been literally a year since the SolarWinds software supply chain attack hit the news and we are still trying to fully understand the potential of this type of attack. The attackers were stealthy and were discovered only because one of the firms impacted, FireEye, had elite capabilities to monitor and detect intrusions..."

CSO Online, December 29th, 2021
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Bracing For The Inevitable: 5 Security Predictions For 2022
From continued ramifications of the pandemic and the increasing sophistication and frequency in cyber attacks, the past year was truly one for the record books. We look at the 5 most likely security predictions for 2022.
"Ransomware gangs have become bolder than ever before" warns Darren Williams in Security Boulevard, "and attackers continue to target the industries where they can make the most impact. 2021 even witnessed the first death attributed to ransomware - a worst case scenario that can and must be prevented in the coming year. So, with attackers continuing to up the ante, what developments should we anticipate and be prepared for in 2022? Here's my take on what's to come..."
Security Boulevard, December 29th, 2021
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2021 Zero Trust Security Intelligence Roundup
A zero trust approach to security has been steadily gaining steam for the last several years. This year, the importance of this approach reached a new level with the May 2021 White House executive order requiring federal agencies to shift to this architecture by fall 2024.
"Even beyond the executive order, zero trust continues to build momentum," writes Justine Brown in Security Intelligence.

"This approach assumes a breach has occurred and puts enforcing access and detecting adversaries in a network first. The 2021 Cyber Resilient Organization study, based on an annual global survey of more than 3,600 IT and security experts in over 15 industries and published by IBM Security with independent research by the Ponemon Institute, found 35% of respondents now report their organizations have adopted this approach. That may seem like a small percentage. However, evidence suggests it is gaining ground faster than any other strategy. Read on for a glimpse at the top news about this approach from 2021..."

Security Intelligence, December 28th, 2021
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Intelligent Adversary Engagement: Deceiving The Attacker
Traditional security isn't always enough to keep attackers at bay. When it comes to sneaking into networks, detection will often only come after malicious traffic reaches systems such as next-generation firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems
"Meanwhile," writes Stefan Grimminck in SecurityIntelligence, "threat actors have free range. But if you can trick the attacker attempting to trick you, it's a different story.

The first response after detection is often to remove the compromised systems and disable the breached user accounts. The idea is to cut down on further problems and limit any existing risk. Sadly, this approach leaves you with only the artifacts and logs that the attackers decided to leave behind..."

SecurityIntelligence, December 30th, 2021
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A Security Reset: How Digital Transformation Leads To Security Transformation
Outdated security strategies that are more suited to on-premise data centers, fail in the cloud. That calls for an overhaul and a complete transformation.
Is there any innovation on the horizon that will help companies stem the onslaught of cyber breaches? Yes, there is. It is called 'The Cloud,' not to be feared but to embrace with urgency. The cloud offers enterprises a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a security do-over. Executed properly, a move to the cloud offers the opportunity to deliver a level of security unimaginable in the old-world of leaky networks and data centers - and can lead to security transformation. - CISO MAG
CISO MAG, December 28th, 2021
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IT News - FOSS
9 Open Source Alternatives To Try In 2022
Whatever tool you are looking for, there are plenty of open source software alternatives to choose from.
Lauren Maffeo writes in, "2021 was another year spent largely online, but that's nothing new for the open source world. The ability to work from anywhere is in our DNA, preceding the pandemic that ushered remote work into the mainstream.

Still, all that time in front of screens this year made our community consider open source alternatives. Regardless of the tool type you need, many of the most popular vendors are not your only option...", December 27th, 2021
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2022 Outlook - Open Source, Opentelemetry, & Emerging Tech
What does 2022 hold for open source and OpenTelemetry? Which cutting-edge technologies should you be paying attention to in 2022? We asked the experts about their predictions for the coming year. Stay ahead of the curve and learn how to plan strategically in the new year.
"How will open source develop in 2022?" asks the JAXenter Editorial Team in jaxenter.

"Patrick McFadin, Vice President Developer Relations, DataStax: Open source will continue to grow due to the incredible popularity of Kubernetes and how it promotes open infrastructure from the ground up. Cloud providers have embraced Kubernetes and will continue fueling this trend. The tendency for Enterprises to opt for open infrastructure while working with service providers fits the business model of Kubernetes as a service. The 'free as in freedom' part of Open Source means you deploy the things that you want how you want..."

jaxenter, December 28th, 2021
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My Favorite Open Source Stories From 2021
Here are nine fun and inspiring stories about our community.
"This year we learned a lot about our community as we embraced our new work-from-home lives," writes Don Watkins in

"We also met some amazing folks who are leveraging Linux and open source software in their organizations.

Open source community stories community manager, Jen Wike Huger, posed some engaging questions to our writers' list throughout the year. The responses reflect the unique perspectives of each of our community members. Here are a few of my favorite stories that came from these async conversations...", December 28th, 2021
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2021: A Year In Open Source
Open source software (OSS) is never too far away from both acclaim and controversy, whether it's a major security incident, a trademark tussle, or flying a helicopter on Mars.
Let's take a look back at some big OSS talking points of the year.

  • A serious open source flaw
  • Poetic license
  • Trademark tussles
  • Open source eats Mars
  • Linux turns 30

Read on for details.

VentureBeat, December 27th, 2021
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IT News - Cloud
Best Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Solutions: Understanding Capabilities
Organizations are adopting the cloud in growing numbers, but with this growth comes unanticipated security challenges with user identity management and the explosion of 'non-people' identities such as applications, serverless functions, and virtual machines.
"Unfortunately," opines Eric Kedrosky in Security Boulevard, "traditional security tools are ill-equipped to handle this explosion of resource management and, as a result, we see excessive access and exasperated security risks. This issue begs for a new best practice (hint: its CIEM solutions.)

Traditional identity solutions struggle to address the cloud's unique security challenges with its granular and ephemeral nature. Existing cloud security tools address specific aspects of cloud infrastructure security, but they generally lack identity and access controls. Manual methods to ensure a least-privilege approach to security do not scale in an environment with so many identities and entitlements. Existing security paradigms cannot inherently combat the new wave of identity security. This need has resulted in a new class of tools for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)..."

Security Boulevard, December 28th, 2021
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IT News - Careers
These Will Be The 5 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs In 2022
It might be hard to believe but 2022 is just around the corner. While many of us are still stuck in March 2020 (at least in our minds).
"The world of tech has gone through a mammoth amount of change since the pandemic," opines Rebecca OKeeffe in TheNextWeb.

"From remote work to the Zoom boom, the way we work, communicate with our colleagues and even search for new jobs has completely changed. Of course, Covid-19 has also spurred on 'The Great Resignation.'

Over the last two years, many people have reevaluated their priorities, examined their careers and contemplated making a change. As a result, we're facing a hiring explosion unlike anything we have ever seen before..."

TheNextWeb, December 27th, 2021
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The 5 Questions You Need To Answer To Create Your Personal Brand Strategy
The 'people buy from people' adage is so ubiquitous in business that we don't even know who actually uttered these famous words.
Claire Mason writes in Business 2 Community, "So let's put it down to Einstein, since the genius has so many other sayings attributed to him.

But the truth is that no matter who said them, these words hit on a fundamental truth.

And that's why successful founders have personal brands.

Can the cynicism and explore what an authentic personal brand can do for you

The term 'personal brand' can attract a steady dose of skepticism. In an industry known for its jargon, marketing phrases are regularly derided. 'Thought leadership' falls under this umbrella too..."

Business 2 Community, December 27th, 2021
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IT Careers: 3 Misconceptions That Hold People Back
Today's business environment is changing long-held beliefs about IT careers, enabling new possibilities. Both IT pros and IT leaders should move past these outdated notions
Haluk Saker writes in The Enterprisers Project, "Today's talent market is experiencing some significant growing pains. We're witnessing a structural realignment of what it means to work and what careers can look like, with employers and candidates each offering their own unique take on the subject.

While the specifics vary across industry, experience, and education level, the greatest opportunity for talent re-examination exists within fields that have suffered from longstanding mistaken beliefs..."

The Enterprisers Project, December 30th, 2021
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IT News - Compliance
3 Top Tips To Ensure Compliance In The Cloud
Compliance is becoming an ever more complex issue for organisations. Businesses are engaging in more remote and digital work practices due to COVID-19
"Meanwhile," writes Milou Lammers in the enterprise times, "governments globally are implementing a growing number of data privacy regulations for organisations to abide by.

The reason for this is valid: with the industrialisation of hacking and the enormous impact of security breaches, governments had little choice but to add to the number of regulations, standards, and legislation they currently enforce in a bid to not only curtail the adversaries attempting to hijack sensitive information but also to prevent data leakage via other, less malicious avenues..."

enterprise times, December 30th, 2021
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